Home series ultrasonic cleaner with capacity of 2.5 liters, ideal for cleaning small items from home or hobby use. Ultrasonic frequency 40 kHz and ultrasonic power 70 W is ideal for short easy cleaning.

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Home ultrasonic cleaner

Capacity – 2,5 liters, appropriate for occasional cleaning


With the separate adjustment of timer from 1 – 8 minutes, auto switch off and temperature setting of up to 65°C it is appropriate for items which need short & easy cleaning.


Ultrasonic frequency 40kHz provides thorough but gentle cleaning which is also appropriate for softer metals, plastics, and products with polished surfaces. The smaller bubbles which are produced at this frequency are less likely to cause surface damage and are also better able to penetrate tight areas such as seams, crevices and blind holes.


Ultrasonic power of 70W provides a high enough number of bubbles for effective cleaning of various number of items in the ultrasonic cleaner.

Clean smaller items:

fruits and vegetables, collector coins, keys, jewelry, watch straps, smaller parts such as screws, steel bolts, nuts, nails, rivets and any other smaller objects.


fruits       Coins       



Stainless steel (SUS 304) tanks are 0.6 mm thick, therefore they provide for long lifetime of the ultrasonic cleaners. Seamless panel housing is especially relevant as it prevents water leakage and moisture from access to electronics inside of units.

No screw welding technology of ultrasonic transducers ensures smooth bottom of the tank, thus improving cavitation and reducing corrosion of tank.

Cleaners are equipped with industrial high Q transducers which ensure strong power of ultrasonic effect. Ultrasonic transducers are activated by independent excitation ultrasonic generator (PWM control), which has passed 4200V HV test and HV isolation test, therefore enabling cleaners to work with stable ultrasonic effect and run safely.

Generators are developed and produced by our own factory with high quality components.

There is minor difference between the real water temperature and the panel readout which in ±1°C range.


  • Actual volume of the tank might be less than 2.5 L.
  • Pour liquid 1 cm below the brim with items inside.
  • Do not throw objects in the tank or hit the device.
  • Cleaning items should be put in cleaning basket to protect ultrasonic machine.
  • Ultrasonic cleaner needs to cool down for 30 minutes after 240 minutes of ultrasonic cleaning.
  • Ultrasound operation releases a certain amount of energy that heats the liquid in the tank.
  • Do not turn on heating or ultrasound without liquid in the tank, as it will cause damage to it.
Included in the package:
  • Ultrasonic cleaner
  • Standard basket
  • Stainless steel lid
  • Power cord
  • User guide

Carton packing with thick foam film inside to protect the machine. Weight – 3 kg.



Technical Specifications
Specification Value
Ultrasonic power:
70 W
Ultrasonic frequency:
Number of transducers:
Timer (min):
1 – 8 min
Max temperature:
Heater power:
100 W
Max tank volume:
Tank thickness:
1 mm
Basket dimensions (WxDxH):
240×138×80 mm
Tank dimensions (WxDxH):
246×150×70 mm
Unit dimensions (WxDxH):
290×210×180 mm
Package dimensions (WxDxH):
325×246×207 mm
Discharge valve:
Power plug:
Type F, 220V/50Hz
Net. weight:
2,70 kg
Warranty (year):
1 year
Max weight for lift
Filtration system:
Oil Skimmer:
Transducer Technical Specification
Specification Value
Resonant impedance (Ω):
Capacitance (pF):
±10%: 3500-3900
40 kHz
Weight (g):
Diameter (mm):
45 mm
Height (mm):
54 mm

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