Professional ultrasonic cleaning rod, designed for ultrasonic cleaning in premade tanks. The ultrasonic frequency of 40 kHz and the power of 720 W provides thorough and fast cleaning.



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Professional ultrasonic cleaning rod

PRO ROD 720 – 40kHz, for pre-made tanks

Capacity – for tanks up to 72 liters


PRO ROD ultrasonic cleaner is specially designed for pre made tanks, for professional and hobby use. Generator enables separate adjustment of time 1-60 minutes, power adjustment from 0-100% and pulse function.


It is advised to use 10-12W power for 1 liter of liquid, if very dirty, we suggest 15W of power. Volume of used tank should not be larger than 72 liters.


Ultrasonic frequency of 40kHz provides thorough but gentle cleaning which is appropriate for objects with many cracks, crevices and small indentations. Due to the smaller bubbles, with less energy but higher density, this frequency is especially suitable for softer metals, plastics and objects with a polished surface.


Ultrasonic power of 720 W provides strong enough bubbles for thorough and fast cleaning of various number of items in the tank.



Ultrasonic power:  720 W
 Ultrasonic frequency:  40 kHz
 Number of transducers:
 Timer:  1 – 60 min with auto switch-off
 Temperature:  /
 Heater power:  /
 Tank volume:  Max. 72 lit.
 Thickness:  2 mm
 Rod dimensions (RxH):  Fi 57 x 770mm
 Package dimensions (WxDxH):  820×620×860 mm
 Power plug:  IEC309/IEC60309 (230V, 50Hz)
 Net. weight:  14,7 kg
 Warranty:  2 years


Application examples

Cleaning Auto – moto parts, industry equipment, cleaning cast, iron blocks used for injection molding, stainless steel plates…


Industry mold       Industry        Carb




ASonic collection of PRO ROD models are made of stainless steel rod, which is 2 mm thick and are perfect solution for pre made tanks in professional environment and workshops.



  • Use of ultrasonic rod without liquid is prohibited. It is dangerous and will damage the unit.
  • Always ensure that the rod is immersed fully in the water.
  • DO NOT drop the rod into tank directly as this will cause damage to the rod, Always place the rod gently.
  • Never immerse the cord in water or other liquid.
Included in the package:
  • Generator
  • Rod
  • Power lead
  • User guide

Wooden packing with thick foam film inside to protect the machine. Weight –  29,7 kg.


Additional information

Weight 58 kg
Dimensions 72 × 55 × 81 cm