Professional ultrasonic cleaner with capacity of 28 liters, ideal for cleaning large industrial items and frequent use. With its ultrasonic frequency of 28 kHz and 40 kHz and the power of 6000 W provides thorough and fast cleaning.




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Professional ultrasonic cleaner

PRO 300DF – with dual frequency 28 and 40 kHz

Capacity – 28 liters, thorough cleaning for professional users


This PRO model offers dual frequency – 28 kHz and 40 kHz. For everyone who requires strong and gentle cleaning and need to switch between two of them. Used especially for bigger massive blocks and delicate items with a lot of crevices, but also for various different items. Examples are industrial blocks, PCBs, printer heads, motherboards, firefighting equipment,…


Separate adjustment of timer, from 1 to 99 minutes, auto switch off and temperature setting of up to 80°C. The big advantage of this model is, that you can choose between 28 kHz and 40 kHz frequency for cleaning.


Ultrasonic frequency of 28kHz provides thorough and strong cleaning which is optimal for large flat surfaces and 40 kHz provides gentler and more precise cleaning.


Ultrasonic power of 600 W provides strong enough bubbles for thorough and fast cleaning of various number of items in the ultrasonic cleaner.



Ultrasonic power:  600 W
 Ultrasonic frequency:  28kHz and 40 kHz
 Number of transducers:  10 of each
 Timer:  1 – 99 min with auto switch-off
 Temperature:  up to 80°C
 Heater power:  500 W
 Tank volume:  max. 28 lit.
 Tank thickness:  1 mm
 Basket dimensions (WxDxH):  470x280x125 mm
 Tank dimensions (WxDxH):  500x300x200 mm
 Unit dimensions (WxDxH):  580x335x385 mm
 Package dimensions (WxDxH):  660x430x455 mm
 Discharge valve:  YES
 Power plug:  Type F, 220V/50Hz
 Net. weight:  16,7 kg
 Warranty:  2 years

Application examples

Cleaning Auto – moto parts, industry equipment, cleaning cast, iron blocks used for injection molding, stainless steel plates…


Coins                    PCB


Our PRO 100-300 models have stainless steel (SUS 304) tanks, which are 1 mm thick and therefore they provide for long lifetime of the ultrasonic cleaners. Seamless tank and housing prevents water leakage.


Transducers are attached to the bottom of the tank by a combination of screwing on welded threads and gluing, thus creating a homogeneous whole with the tank. This technology allows for continuous cavitation and a long life of ultrasonic cleaner.


Cleaners are equipped with industrial transducers with max. power of 60 W and frequency 28 kHz and 40 kHz, which ensure strong power of ultrasonic effect. Ultrasonic transducers are activated by driver inside the unit which enables cleaners to work with stable ultrasonic effect and run safely.


Transducer technical specification:
Power 60W
Resonant impedance (Ω) ≤15
Capacitance (pF) ±10%: 3500-3900
Frequency 40 kHz
Weight (g) 231g
Diameter (mm) 45 mm
Height (mm) 54 mm


Electronics for ultrasonic cleaners PRO 20-300 have been developed for the optimal operation of transducers, heating plates and easy operation of a wide range of users in mind.



  • Use of ultrasonic cleaner without liquid is prohibited. It is dangerous and will damage the unit.
  • When heating liquid always turn on ultrasound, so temperature of the liquid is evenly distributed.
  • Actual volume of the tank might be less than 28 L.
  • Pour liquid 2 cm below the brim with items inside.
  • Do not throw objects in the tank or hit the device.
  • Cleaning items should be put in cleaning basket to protect ultrasonic machine.
  • Ultrasonic cleaner needs to cool down for 30 minutes after 240 minutes of ultrasonic cleaning.
  • Ultrasound operation releases a certain amount of energy that heats the liquid in the tank.
Included in the package:
  • Ultrasonic cleaner
  • Standard basket
  • Stainless steel lid
  • Power cord
  • User guide

Carton packing with thick foam film inside to protect the machine. Weight – 19 kg.

Additional information

Weight 19 kg
Dimensions 66 × 42 × 46 cm