Home series ultrasonic cleaner with capacity of 0,45 liters, ideal for cleaning small items for home or hobby use. Ultrasonic frequency 42 kHz and ultrasonic power 20 W is ideal for short and easy cleaning.

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Home ultrasonic cleaner

HOME 450, cleaning small necessities, intended for domestic use

Capacity – 0,45 liters, appropriate for occasional cleaning


With the adjustment of timer from 1 – 5 minutes and auto switch off this model is especially designed for domestic purposes. It’s perfect for bathroom use or whilst traveling due to being small and movable. Cleaning toiletries, beauty equipment, glasses and some small items.


Ultrasonic frequency 42 kHz provides thorough but gentle cleaning which is also appropriate for softer metals, plastics, and products with polished surfaces. The smaller bubbles which are produced at this frequency are less likely to cause surface damage and are also able to penetrate tight areas such as seams, crevices and blind holes.


Ultrasonic power of 20W provides big enough number of bubbles for basic cleaning of various number of items in this domestic ultrasonic cleaner.



 Ultrasonic power:  20 W
 Ultrasonic frequency:  42 kHz
 Number of transducers:  chip
 Timer:  3 min with auto switch-off
 Temperature:  /
 Heater power:  /
 Tank volume:  0.45 lit.
 Tank thickness:  0.6 mm
 Tank dimensions (WxDxH):  168x79x42mm
 Unit dimensions (WxDxH):  200x92x60 mm
 Package dimensions (WxDxH):  235x130x65 mm
 Discharge valve:  NO
 Power plug:  230V/50Hz
 Net. weight:  458 g
 Warranty:  1 year

Application examples:

Toiletries, beauty equipment, collector coins, keys, jewelry, watch straps, smaller parts such as screws, steel bolts, nuts, nails, rivets and any other smaller objects.





The stainless steel tanks (SUS 304) are 0.6 mm thick and ensure a long service life of the ultrasonic cleaners. The impermeable housing is especially important as it prevents the inflow of water and moisture into the interior of the unit.


The converter chip is attached to the bottom of the tank with a special glue, which creates a homogeneous whole with the tank.



  • Use of ultrasonic cleaner without liquid is prohibited. It is dangerous and will damage the unit.
  • Actual volume of tank might be less than 0.45 liters.
  • Fill up to the MAX mark on the inside of the tank.
  • Do not throw objects in the tank or hit the device.
  • Ultrasonic cleaner needs to cool down for 15 minutes after 30 minutes of ultrasonic cleaning.
  • Ultrasound operation releases a certain amount of energy that heats the liquid in the tank.
  • Do not turn on ultrasound without liquid in the tank, as it will cause damage to it.


Included in the package:
  • Ultrasonic cleaner
  • Power cord
  • User guide

Carton packing with thick foam film inside to protect the machine.


Weight of the package:

674 g

Additional information

Weight 0.458 kg
Dimensions 23.5 × 13 × 6.5 cm