The generator has advantage of small size, simple circuits, stable ultrasonic effects and high conversion efficiency. It is equipped with a frequency tuning function that ensures that the machine is in the best working condition from start to finish.

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The generator has advantage of small size

Technical information:

Driving power 1800W
Ultrasonic power control 10-100%
Working frequency 20KHz-40KHz (28 kHz, 40 kHz)
Working voltage 220V±10%; 50Hz/60Hz
Maximum output current 6A
Ambient temperature 0-40°C
Dimensions: 365x300x145 mm
Net weight: 8,2 kg


The main feature of this generator is the use of full-bridge digital pulse drive. Compared to the half-bridge drive control circuit, it has the advantages of small size, simple peripheral circuits, stable ultrasonic effects, and high conversion efficiency. And comes with frequency tuning function, to ensure that the machine is in the best working condition from beginning to end, can maximize the potential of ultrasonic transducer, but also has a perfect over-current protection, output short circuit protection.


Integrated digital display ampere meter, frequency, time control and PLC remote control, light bar indicating power and other functions. Based on the above functions, new functions such as frequency lock, current lock, frequency sweep mode selection, automatic frequency follow-up, 485 communication (optional), and one-key degassing (optional) are added.

Suitable for models:

PRO 570 , PRO 1000, PRO 2000, PRO 3000

Compatible with the following items:

Heater 1500W, Transducers 28 kHz, Transducers 40 kHz, IND Display, IND Transformer, IND Temperature sensor


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Additional information

Weight 10 kg
Dimensions 40 × 40 × 20 cm